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Our Presenters Team Here At Keltic Country
Arnold Smyth.jpg

Arnold Smyth

Cara McGillian.jpg

Cara Mc Gillion

David Smyth.jpg

David Smyth

Freddy Cannon

Freddy Cannon.jpg
Heading 6
Katie McParland.jpg

Katie Mc Parland

Lauren Higgins.jpg

Lauren Higgins

Gerry Callan.jpg

Gerry Callan

Jim Ward.jpg

Jim Ward

Mike Bilansky.jpg

Mike Bilansky

Mick Hearn.jpg

Mick Hearn

Mike Ryan.jpg

Mike Ryan

Pastor Ed Brady.jpg

Pastor Ed Brady

Pete Matthewman.jpg

Pete Matthewman

Ricky Lee And Glenda V.jpg

Ricky Lee & Glenda V

Steven Sinclair.jpg

Steven Sinclair

Image Coming


Pat Breslin

Dj Paddy.jpg

Stewart McArdle

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