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Keltic Country Radio Presenters

Mags McGagh

Wednesday's from 9pm - 10pm

My Kinda Country


Ross Molloy

Thursday's from 10pm - Midnight

Irish Legends Show

Kevin Byrne

Wednesday's from 10pm - Midnight

Country Show

Ricky Lee & Glenda V

Sunday's from 8pm - 9pm

Heart To Heart Country


David Smyth

Tuesday's from 7pm - 9pm

The Country Carousel

Mike Bilanski

Monday's and Saturdays from 8pm - 9pm

Dance Time In texas

Arnold Smyth

Tuesday's from 9pm - 10pm and Thursday's from 8pm - 9pm

Country Hour

Pete Matthewman

Monday's from 9pm - 10pm and Saturday's from 8pm - 9pm

It's My Country

Stevie P Doyle

Tuesday's 10pm - 11pm and Friday's from 8pm - 9pm

Country Corner

John Morrison

Sunday's, Wednesday's and Friday's from 7pm - 8pm

The Gospel Hour

Stewart McArdle

Sunday's, Thursday's and Friday's from 9pm - 10pm

Paddy's Country

Steven Sinclair

Sundays from 2pm - 4pm

Sinclair Country

Mike Overnight

Monday to Saturday from 12am - 6am

The Overnight Show

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